The manifesto was written by a collection of play designers from Design School Kolding in Denmark. We felt the need to put into words what it is we talk about when we talk about designing for play.

We highly encourage all designers who are interested in leveraging play in their disciplines to apply for our 2 year master’s degree in Design For Play.



The Play Design Manifesto was manifested on a sunny January day in Denmark, 2023, by the Play Design group at Designskolen Kolding:

  • Alexandra Lindek
  • Allan Schmidt
  • Anne-Lene Sand
  • Barnabas Wetton
  • Brian Jørgensen
  • Emilie Bech Jespersen
  • Esben Møller Rahbek
  • Helle Marie Skovbjerg
  • Jesper Falck Legaard
  • Jess Uhre Rahbek
  • Karen Feder
  • Lene Nyhus Friis
  • Line Gad Christiansen
  • Lise Hostrup Sønnichsen
  • Lotte Agnes Lausen
  • Mairi-Claire MacDonald
  • Maria Lyndgaard Petersen
  • Martha Lagoni
  • Mathias Poulsen
  • Mikkel Vinding
  • Per Voss Nielsen
  • Pia Viuff Schytz
  • Sisse Winther Oreskov
  • Sofie Kinch
  • Stine Behrendtzen
  • Sune Klok Gudiksen
  • Vera Arianne Hijkoop


This website

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If you experience any accessibility issues, do not hesitate to contact Esben Rahbek on emr@dskd.dk